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Click this link for mobile view   5 Churches Services Nov-Dec 2017

Great Harrowden  Little Harrowden Orlingbury Isham Pytchley
12.11.17 Service 10.50am Uniformed Remb 10:00am Family 11am HC 9am Remembrance 10.50am Remembrance
Lead Graham Bell Team Toni Toni Graham Bell
Play Barbara John Janet Barbara Janet
Service 4pm Remembrance Evensong
19.11.17 Service 4pm Sunday J.A.M. 10am 5 Churches 8:00am BCP
Lead Carolynne Toni Toni
Play Janet
26.11.17 Service 11am Family 9:15am HC and SS 9:15am HC 11am HC
Lead team Graham Bell Toni Graham Bell
Play John & CD Alan Barbara Margaret
Service 4pm Cupcakes & Fizz
Lead Team
Play Mike
3.12.17 Service 11am HC 9:15am HC 11am Family 9:15am Family 10.30am Family
Lead Toni Toni Team Team Team
Play Catherine Catherine Janet Barbara John
Service 4pm Christingle
Lead Carolynne
Play John T
10.12.17 Service 11am HC Xmas Lunch 11am HC 9:15am HC 9:15am HC
Lead Martin Walker no service Toni Martin Walker Toni
Play Barbara Janet Barbara Janet
Service 4pm Christingle
Lead Toni & team
Play Mike
17.12.17 Service 11am HC 6pm Carols 4pm Nativity & Carols 9:15am HC 4pm Christingle & tea
Lead Toni Carolynne Gillian Martin Walker Toni & team
Play John & CD Alan Janet Barbara Margaret
18.12.17 5pm Nativity Night
Play John T
24.12.17 Service 4pm Crib Service 4pm Christmas Celebrations 3pm Crib Service 4pm Carols around the Crib
Lead Carolynne Gillian Team Team
Play N/A N/A Mike Dando Margaret
Service 6pm Carols by lamplight 11:30pm Midnight HC 7pm 9 Lessons & carols
Lead John Seaman Toni Toni
Play Alan Alex Janet
25.12.17 Service 9:15am HC 9am HC 9:30am Come and Worship
Lead John Seaman Toni Team
Play John Seaman’s BIL Barbara Janet
31.12.17 Service 10:00am 5 Churches Together
Lead Toni
Play Barbara
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