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Date How and Where Time Service
May 2nd Zoom 11am Family Service
Zoom 10am JAM
May 9th Zoom 11am Morning Worship
You Tube Cupcakes and Fizz
May 16th Zoom 11am Café Church
10am JAM
May 23rd Little Harrowden Church 9.15am Benefice Morning Worship
Zoom 11am Family Service
May 30th Zoom 11am Café Church
Zoom 10am JAM
June 6th Zoom 11am Family Service
June 13th Zoom 11am Café Church
Zoom 10am JAM
You Tube 10am Cupcakes and fizz
June 20th Zoom 11am Family Service
Isham Church 9.15am Benefice Morning Worship
June 27th Zoom 11am Café Church

We also have Morning Prayers via Zoom, Monday through to Saturday at 10am

If you would like to attend any of the above Zoom or You Tube Services the contact links are below:

JAM / Morning Prayer                   ca[email protected]

Morning Worship/Café Church   [email protected]

Cupcakes and Fizz                  [email protected]

There are a few Church Services beginning in May 2021 when all necessary precautions will be taken, i.e. wearing masks, using sanitiser regularly, keeping 2metres distance and taking contact details on entering the church.  The churchyards are open.

Although we do not have a Rector at the moment, messages are checked regularly on either the Vicarage phone, 01933 678225 or
email: [email protected]

God bless you and give you peace and comfort in these difficult times. We will be open for services again in line with official guidelines at the appropriate time.


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