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Reading: Jeremiah 38: 2-13

Theme: Telling the Truth

Sermon given at a family service with baptism

Introduction:   We are looking at less well-known bible stories that are in the Lion Storytellers children’s bible that we’re using in Open The Book.

Make paper rolls – 6 blue (princes, government officials), 1 yellow (prophet), 1 red with crown (king), 1 orange or green (unexpected supporter)

Act out the story using the paper rolls.

Poor Jeremiah – God had given him the difficult job of telling people a truth they didn’t want to hear – that if they persisted in fighting the Babylonians they would die and dreadful things would happen to their families BUT if they surrendered they would live – they might not live where they wanted to, or in the way they wanted to, but they would be alive!!

Life can be a tricky business, especially when things are complex and complicated!  It isn’t always easy to tell the truth when people don’t want to listen!

Draw modern parallels and act out with the paper rolls, eg.

1)  In classroom popular person and their gang are encouraging other children to do something that is silly or wrong.  You might be worried your teacher won’t listen to you, might tell you off for telling tales perhaps!  But there might be someone who might stick up for you and tell the teacher you ARE telling the truth

2) In a business scenario you might be asked to do something that you think might be unsafe or poor practice – everyone says let’s just keep our heads down and get on with it.  But you’re really worried about the long-term effects … Imagine if you’d tried to blow the whistle on car emissions cheating!!  Your boss might be worried about his boss’ reaction, perhaps he just needs support.

IF God is telling us something, if he’s asking us to stand up for the truth, for the good of other people, we need to trust him and ask him for guidance and courage – HOW should we do it?  WHEN?

Sometimes in life we do just have to trust God and tell the truth!

Let’s pray:  Dear God, please give us the courage to stick to wheat we know is right, even when other people disagree or make fun of us.  Help us always to speak the truth.  Amen.

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