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Pets’ service at Orlingbury 4th September 2016

Whenever I mention an animal, please make the appropriate sound!

Sometime ago, there was a big red hen who lived on Norton’s Farm. Her name was Hetty. Now Hetty found a bag of grain that John Norton must have forgotten about and she decided that she would grow some wheat , make it into flour and then all the animals on the farm could have crusty bread.

But she needed help. She had to prepare the ground so she thought everyone could get together and scratch at it with their paws, claws, hoofs etc. So she approached the farm dog, he liked the sound of the bread and his tail wagged like mad, but he was too busy chasing cats to help. So she tried the cats – same problem, but they were busy chasing mice. The pigs were too busy rolling in mud, the cows eating grass, the ponies prancing up and down looking pretty, the ducks paddling in the pond and the big rooster – making a noise.

So Hetty got down to it herself and spent days scratching at the ground until it was fine enough to be able to plant the grain.

Then it needed watering, but she got the same excuses
Then it needed weeding, same excuses
Then it needed harvesting, same again,
Then it needed taking to the flour mill, no chance
Then the flour had to be made into crusty loaves, forget it

Then the loaves needed eating AHA! Things were different then, all the animals rushed around making a fuss of Hetty and hoping for some crusty bread. There was the dog, the cat, the duck. Some cows, pigs, ponies and the big rooster – making a noise

Well, what would you have done if you were Hetty?

She did share her bread.

There are lots of messages in this story

Just because other people are unhelpful or are selfish, doesn’t mean we should be

We should share what we have with other people

We should be kind and helpful

God teaches us this and he loves us whatever we do wrong as long as we realise and say sorry

Let’s hope all the animals said sorry to Hetty!

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