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Intercessions – Sunday 14th August 2016

When we fix our eyes on Jesus our lives will reflect his nature.

God is close to us as we pray. He is attentive to us now.

Lord, whenever you weep over our harshness,

Make our tears melt our hearts of stone.

Whenever you grieve over our double standards,

Shock us into honesty again.

Make us receptive to your teaching, willing to take your risks and eager to run with our eyes fixed on Jesus.

Lord in your mercy….


Whenever the news overwhelms us, nudge us to fervent prayer.

Wherever leaders meet to negotiate peace, be present at the conference table.

Breathe your values into our thinking, tear down the divisive barriers and renew us to lead the world into loving.

Lord in your mercy….



Whenever tempers are frayed and patience is wearing thin,

Give us space to collect ourselves and try again.

Whenever the demands of family and friends remind us of our limitations, minister graciously through our weakness and teach us the humility of apologising.

Lord in your mercy…



Whenever people are enveloped by pain or desolate grief or total exhaustion, bring refreshment and peace, tranquillity and hope.

Wherever the grip of the past prevents free movement into the future, bring release and healing.

We pray for….

Lord in your mercy…





Whenever the dying are fearful and distressed, give comfort and reassurance on that last journey.

Bless those who care for them and those who mourn their going.

In mercy receive the dead into the life or your heaven and prepare us, through our lives now, for eternity.

Lord in your mercy…



Pebble pool prayer


Holy God, we love the beauty and goodness or your nature, thank you for the gift of your Spirit to guide us to walk in your ways.


Merciful Father…..



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