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Dear Heavenly Father

Thank you for the fellowship, new friendships, learning and love we shared at the holiday club this week.

We thank you that over 100 people came to this church to hear about your life, gain a knowledge of your purpose and hear Your word.

We witnessed, trust, faith, forgiveness, compassion and understanding. Father we hope to carry your message of love to all we meet.

Father we pray that we can continue with the work we do in your name in the future Animal service, Harvest Service and Light Party.

Please Father, help us find and new rector and please support and guide us during this interregnum

Lord in you mercy…

Father please guide us and support us in the work we do in this community.

Help us work together as one functioning body, to bring caring, pastoral care to our neighbours both here and elsewhere.

Lord in your mercy …

Father as we think of the world outside of this building, we pray for those in power. We pray for stability, across the nations, empathy, compassion and wisdom in decision-making.

Lord in your mercy…

Dear father we pray for those who hunger, especially the millions on the brink of starvation in the Yemen and elsewhere. Please father help us to help them with supplying the sustenance they need

Lord in your mercy …

Father we pray for all who are weak, poorly, in hospital, we especially pray for …

Lord in your mercy..

Father we pray for all those who have died, we pray for those left to grieve. We pray, for your blessing that they can mend and heal their broken lives.

Merciful Father accept these prayers for the sake of your Son, our savior, Jesus Christ.



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