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Dear Heavenly Father,

When we are in this church building, we think of You.

We know that the church is not the building, but the community it encourages, supports and loves through faith in You.

Lord in Your mercy..

We thank you for our homes, our families and our friends. We value the love shared and relationships nurtured and cherished.

Lord in Your mercy…

Father we pray for the emergency services, nurses, doctors and all teachers as they prepare for the new academic year. We pray for the young people they teach.

Lord in Your mercy…

We pray for all world leaders, for those with power over others, that they take their responsibilities dutifully, selflessly and wisely.

Lord in Your mercy…

Father let us remember ALL less fortunate than ourselves. The weak, the hungry, the lonely and those close to the end.

Lord in Your mercy….

Father please hear our prayers for those from across our five churches. …

Please pray:
• For all being baptised, and for the families as they bring up their children in the Christian faith.
• For teachers preparing for the new term, and for children preparing to start a new school.
• For all in need of healing.
• For the family and friends of all who died recently, and for all who are grieving, lonely or anxious.
• For all who have been injured or lost loved ones in the Italian earthquake.

Lord in Your mercy….

Lastly Father, we pray for ourselves, we do not need a satnav to find you Lord, as You are already in our hearts.

Please strengthen our faith in believing that You are really there.

Give us the hearing to recognise when You speak to us, and the vision to see the route You want us to take…

Merciful Father accept these prayers for the sake of your son, our saviour, Jesus Christ …



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