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Intercessions – 12th March – 2nd Sunday in Lent

Let us pray to our God in faith,

Knowing that he understands what is best for us.

Heavenly Father, increase our faith,

That everyone in your Church

May be more ready to trust you

And move forward with you

Wherever you lead us

We pray for Maya as she takes her first communion

Help us all to support her in her journey with you

Lord in your mercy…


Heavenly Father, give to all leaders and their adviser

The courage to be honest, the will to be just

The greatness to be humble

And the openness to learn

Lord in your mercy…


Heavenly Father,

at the door of each home place your welcome

In the rooms of each home, your love

In the eyes of each person, your truth

And in all our companionship your own

Lord in your mercy…


Heavenly Father, give comfort and healing to those who are ill

Peace to the anxious

And reassurance to the afraid

May we know your love for us

through both the good and the agonising times.

Be with Lucy as she is induced into labour on Monday.

Be with all those who work in hospitals

and those who provide social care

Lord in your mercy….


Heavenly Father may the dying be prepared to meet you

And the souls of those who have died in faith

Live forever in the joy of your presence

Lord in your mercy…


Pebble pool prayer…


Heavenly Father give us thankful hearts

To bless your name in sadness and in joy

Knowing that you are always there beside us

May Maya know your presence and be proud to follow you in faith.

Merciful Father….




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