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Sermon 21.5.17

Sermon given at Isham  & Pytchley Benefice Service                            21.5.17 Readings:              OT/Epistle   Acts 17: 22-31 Gospel        John 14: 15-21 All of us have certain particularly vivid memories that stick in our minds for the rest of our lives.  One of mine is a childhood memory – my father was driving and…

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Sermon 5.3.17

Sermon given at LH & GH              (inc Adult Baptism)                             5.3.17 Readings:              OT/Epistle   Psalm 32       Gospel        Matthew 4: 1-11 Why do you think the first thing a baby learns to do is to smile?  It’s to entrance and attach its parents to ensure that the helpless and demanding baby continues to…

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Sermon 12.3.17

Sermon given at Isham  & Orlingbury                                          12.3.17 Readings:         OT/Epistle   Genesis 12: 1-5                  Gospel        John 3: 1-17 In today’s readings we meet two men of mature years who have an encounter with God, an encounter that challenges them to move on into a new situation.  Both are promised blessing if…

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Sermon 17.2.17

Sermon given at Benefice Service                                          19.2.17 Readings:         OT/Epistle   Romans 8: 18-25  Gospel        Matthew 6: 25-34 It is really interesting at the moment to watch my three 2year old grandchildren developing speech and using it – usually to get their own way!!  So I was much amused when my daughter told…

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Sermon 26.2.17

Sermon given at LH  & Orl     26.2.17        1 Before Lent Readings:              OT/Epistle 1 Peter 1: 16-21    Gospel  Matthew 17: 1-9 Numbers in the bible are often used in a symbolic sense – they carry more meaning than just a numerical one.  In today’s readings we have: “For six days the…

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Sermon 12.2.17

Sermon given at Isham  & Orlingbury                                          12.2.17 Readings:              OT/Epistle   1 Cor 3: 1-9                                   Gospel        Matthew 5: 21-37 There are obviously quarrels and divisions happening in the early church at Corinth – we don’t know what they were divided about but we can see that the issue was causing them…

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Sermon 5.2.17

Sermon given at Pytchley & Orlingbury  4 before Lent     9.4.14 Adapted for LH & GH 5.2.17 Readings:              OT/Epistle   1 Cor 2: 1-12                 Gospel        Matt 5: 13-20 Jesus needs to build the disciples’ confidence – the parable of salt & light encourages them and makes them think about the…

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Sermon 22.1.17

Sermon given at Isham & Pytchley, 22.1.17 Readings:              OT/Epistle Isaiah 9: 1-4                    Gospel  Matt. 4: 12-23 I wonder what adventure books and films you enjoyed as a child – and that you enjoy now?  We all have different characters, different temperaments, so we want different things from our adventures.…

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